Behind the mirror: The kidnapping

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The Escape of Casanova

Someone has disappeared while investigating Giacomo Casanova’s biography, only the most trained eyes can find the clues…

Will you be able to find him on time?



Race against time and compete with your friends.

Two identical rooms where you’ll have to do more than just escape.

Be the first team to leave the room!


The mystery of Don Quixote

One of the chapters of the original manuscript is missing, and someone is trying to cover his tracks.

Unearth the secrets before…


Behind the mirror: the kidnapping

The White Cube is a similar group The Rombo Code that tries to find the best kept treasures and secrets of humanity.

Its setting and the technology used are far ahead…

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Escape Room Rombo Code


Gather your team and face the challenge. Your family, your friends or the love of your life can be good partners to complete the mission. Choose wisely or you’ll stay trapped.
Rombo code en Sevilla

Solve the enigmas

Will you be able to solve the puzzles? Use your inventiveness, your deductive skills and dexterity to discover the secrets hidden between our walls.
Escape room en Sevilla Robo Code

Only 60 minutes

Tic tac, tic tac… beat the clock! As Einstein said: “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.” Do you think you can make it?

The biggest Escape Room in Seville

With two different games and four rooms THE ROMBO CODE is the biggest and best experience of ESCAPE ROOM IN SEVILLA. It is also the only Escape room where 2 TEAMS CAN BE CONFINED SIMULTANEOUSLY BY MAKING THE SAME GAME IN OUR MIRROR ROOMS. Discover the ROMBATE!

Escape Room

How did they appear?

Escape Rooms emerged in Japan in 2008. Following Japan, Escape Rooms appeared in Singapore in 2011, where they became popular and extended so fast that by early 2015 there were already 50 different rooms.

Escape Rooms have become a growing leisure activity, not only in Asia, but also in Europe. Families and friends come to Escape Rooms to strengthen ties and to have a good time, living an amazing adventure in real life.

For companies, Escape Rooms mental exercises and need for teamwork are ideal as a team building exercise. It helps to create a bond between workers, who also learn to appreciate the abilities of each member in their group.

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What Experts Says About Us

The Escape of Casanova is great and there are varied puzzles, and things that we hadn’t seen before.


The mystery of Don Quixote is really fun and appealing. It has a great story, great atmosphere and a wonderful team.